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Ports and Docks


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Ports are far more than locations where cargoes are handled- they are places where the world comes together.

Mariners and traders from all over the world came with their cargoes to the East of England and an amazing range of languages would have been heard on the quayside. Global trading is nothing new to the East of England!

Historically, quaysides would have been crowded with merchant sail ships carrying goods from all over the world and vessels leaving port carrying produce from the East of England out to the four corners of the globe.
The bustle of the ports, the noise of traders, mariners and quayside workers unloading the goods by hand and packing them on to carts would have been almost overwhelming. 

Although the vessels and docks may have modernised and much of the noise now produced by machinery, towns such as Felixstowe, Great Yarmouth and Harwich continue to act as important trading ports in our region.

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