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Harwich Redoubt

Harwich Redoubt

About Us

This large circular fort was built in 1808 to protect the harbour from a Napoleonic invasion. The casemates (rooms for soldiers, stores and ammunition) now accommodate various military, bygone and maritime collections. The maritime collections and displays include naval navigation equipment, naval uniforms, shipmodels, objects connected with lighthouses and lifesaving and the last Harwich whelk boat.

The Fort was originally armed with 10 x 24 pounder cannon overlooking the Harbour Entrance, Harwich Town and the River Stour.  The word  "REDOUBT" means a defensive fortification giving a 360 degree coverage

Admission Costs

Adults : £3

Children must be accompanied by an adult and are free of charge  


Opening Hours

1st May to 31st August
10am-4pm daily,

Rest of year
Sundays 10am-4pm


Opposite 42a Main Road

Tel: 01255 502872

Email : info@harwich-society.co.uk

Latitude: 51.9424452° 52' 41.1° N Longitude: 1.287691 ° 26' 15.9° E


Other Information


External Website: http://www.harwich.net/society.htm


The Harwich Redoubt was adopted by The Harwich Society in 1969, it was completely overgrown and was a dumping ground for rubbish, all the doors and winows where missing and some of the brickwork was crumbling. It took many years the achieve the present condition and is still being constantly worked on throughout the year

The fort could house 300 men under siege conditions with water being supplied by a well on the Parade Ground.

The latest exhibit is the Motor from a V2 Rocket Motor. This landed in Harwich Harbour in 1945 and sank into the soft mud and not seen until a few years ago. A visitor to the local sailing club asked why they where mooring their boats to a V2 ! the Harbour was evacuated but the warhead containing a ton of explosive had disappeared.

The only witness to the V-2 landing in Harwich was 16 year-old fisherman Reuben Day who described the sound as like a tube train going through the air.

Reuben spent his adult life claiming a rocket had landed in the estuary after seeing it hit the water - but no one believed him.

it took bomb disposal experts and divers almost a week to recover what was left of V-2 from the mud.

Now it has pride of place at the Redoubt Fort where it is permanently on display.


There is limited Disabled Parking near the Drawbridge Entrance, take the narrow uphill lane from the Main Road

The upper levels with the Gun emplacements are accessable by wheelchair, the lower parts of the Redoubt are only accessible by spiral staircases

How to Find Us

Harwich town rail station is five minutes walk from the museum Limited disabled parking available up the mound close to fort. parling is available on The Main Road and Harbiur Crescent  Accessible via the foot ferry from Felixstowe.


Some Photos of Our Museum

Harwich Redoubt Entrance
Harwich Redoubt
V-2 Rocket


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