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Poppyland Publishing

Poppyland Publishing

About Us

Yes, you're correct - we're not a museum. But we do publish lots of books, DVDs and on-line materials about maritime East Anglia. We supply several of the museums you'll find on this website with books and DVDs, so keep a look-out for them when you're visiting.


You'll find that many of our books have supplementary materials on our Poppyland Publishing web site and we'll be putting more material directly onto this site as we go on. You'll also find postings and other materials on the Poppyland Publishing Facebook page. We look forward to contributing to the fascinating record of East Anglia's maritime past.

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Because we're not an address to visit, we thought we'd put our location marker on the map somewhere in the North Sea - the place in which all on this site are interested.

Latitude: 52.9152° 52' 41.1° N Longitude: 1.371 ° 26' 15.9° E


How to Find Us

We're not a place to visit but by going to the museums featured on this site you'll find materials associated with the books and DVDs we produce.


Some Photos of Our Museum

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